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At .160 thickness, 12 ¾ inches long, a 7 ½ inch flat-ground blade, the Sabertooth is perfectly suited for wilderness survival. The double row of biangular teeth on a sloping 5 ¼ inch spine is the most effective saw on a knife ever designed.

Released straight from the tempering process with a Rockwell color of blue/black, the Sabertooth will do the job of a hatchet, saw and knife.

There are over 6 million knife collectors in America today. Below you will find a few custom variations of the Sabertooth Knife made in the past. Please refer to the Sabertooth Collector's Guide to see history of custom knives.

In 1968  Jefferson Spivey and Mr. Sol traveled from ocean to ocean making headline news across the United States from the west coast to the east.  
In 1984, Jefferson made a second trip across the United States with Najah from Canada to Mexico.
A Jefferson Spivey Cross-Country Saddle. Several of these saddles were sold to the public from 1985-1988. In the near future, the Cross-Country Saddle will be reintroduced.

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Jefferson Spivey and Najah, 1984

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