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The Afghanistan Sabertooth Knife                 

 A unique knife for a unique war

More than 100 military Sabertooth knives have gone into battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There are only nine (9) Afghan in stock and the Iraq Sabertooth blades are sold out.  When these special Sabertooth knives are gone, no more will be made. These special knives are marked with AFG on the finger-guard and are stamped on the left side of the blade with the Najah symbol. This ancient symbol of Good Luck was carried into battle on the staffs of Roman legionnaires.  


After the semi-circular pendant arrived in Spain via the Moors of North Africa, it was brought to America by the Spanish Conquistadors. Later yet, it became a sacred talisman for Native Americans and took on its most encompassing meaning, In the Arms of God. The Najah symbol has now come full circle. Ironically, it returns to battle, to the land of its beginning as an American Trademark on the blade of a Sabertooth knife.


At  .160 thickness, 12 ¾ inches long, a 7 ½ inch flat-ground blade, the Sabertooth is perfectly suited for wilderness survival. The double row of biangular teeth on a sloping 5 ¼ inch spine is the most effective saw on a knife ever designed. Released straight from the tempering process with a Rockwell color of blue/black, the Sabertooth will do the job of a hatchet, saw and knife.



The Sabertooth design is unique in all aspects and the sequential serial numbering makes each knife one-of-a-kind. The Sabertooth is the best tool for hunters, campers, mountain bikers, backpackers, fossil-digging archaeologists, and the military.



The final AFG Sabertooth knives will be sold only to military personnel who have served or are now deployed in Afghanistan.



IQ on finger guard. 
Note Najah symbol on left side of blade. 
The Afghanistan Sabertooth will be sold only to military personnel who have served in or are now deployed in Afghanistan. Pricing is the same as the standard Trademark model Sabertooth knife.  

Before ordering, please send the following information:

To order an Afghanistan Sabertooth Knife, you must have served or are now serving in Iraw or Afghanistan. Please give your Rank, PO and place of deployment.  Designate the color and handle design (Cape or Half-Cape) and whether you want a Lanyard. Sabertooth knife comes complete with sheath. Then tell us where to ship your Sabertooth. 

Your details were sent successfully!

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