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Many thanks to everyone for the kind words!

March 14, 2021




My brother got me this knife many years ago. Since then it's been a constant companion. It's been with me from Alaska down. It's been with me through 4 plane crashes in the Alaskan bush and helped me get off an island I was shipwrecked on. It's helped me make traps to survive. It's worth every penny! You won't be sorry with this knife!


Myles P.

February 9, 2021




I would like to say thank you for making such a good knife. I have wanted one of your knives for years. I saw you at a gun show back in the 90s and wish I had talked to you more back then. I finally got one of your knives it completes my rig. hank you so much.

Jessie R.

January 22, 2021




I really do appreciate the information and plan on keeping it as well as the knife, probably in the safe. If I were younger I’d probably put it to use. Stay safe, miss seeing you walk through the shows as it’s been awhile. Now since I’m financially better off than in the nineties I’d like to own more. It took thirty years to get this one.

Michael W.

February 12, 2020


Hi Mr. Spivey , 

I received my Sabertooth! What an amazing tool!!! I look forward to it being on my belt for years to come! I also ordered your book Wind Drinker, but didn't receive it with the knife. I'm looking forward to  your story from coast to coast and the inspiration that helped develop your blades! Thank you for everything and may God continue to bless you!

Ricky W.

September 27, 2019


Mister Spivey,

I had for many years a knife from you that went everywhere with me and was part of all my family hunting and camping trips. It was possibly the best tool I've ever had. It was recently stolen from my home and I would like to inquire about getting one stamped with the same number as my previous blade. If it's possible please feel free to contact me and let me know of any price increase or even if it is not possible to be done. I definitely plan to purchase again regardless! 

Ty L.

May 3, 2016




I am totally enchanted with Wind Drinker. I feel like I am on the journey. I read it prior to going to sleep at night and it seems to always find a way into my dreams. I'm just now entering Manitou Springs. I know I'm travelin' slow, but I want this adventure to last! I have decided to purchase your 2nd edition book. I will order it off your website. I want to send it to my friend who is an equine Veterinarian in Tennessee. She is going to LOVE this!


I hope this finds you writing pages for your new book!


Dori D.

December 25, 2015


Jeff - You probably don't remember me but years ago in the 80s I set up next to you at OKC. I bought the knife pictured and was telling my son-in-law about your adventures and your knives. I actually bought another exactly like the one shown except you explained that the second knife you had to use a machine to make the saw teeth wear as my knife was done by hand. I remember your account of the two trips across these United States and told my son-in-law what I could remember. Are you still producing knives? I would like for Matt and his friends to see what you do. 


I've used your knife in Africa, Canada, Colorado, Argentina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Hawaii, Kansas, Paraquay, Brazil, Uruguay, and most recently in Arkansas. Everywhere I go people ask about my Spivey knife!!!



September 20, 2015




I received that BEAUTIFUL knife on Friday afternoon. It is superb in every detail. My compliments to you for the design and execution. Thank you for the very quick service.


I will keep in touch,


July 29, 2014


Mr. Spivey,


I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful tool. Your knife is not only essential in the fields, but is also one hell of a mechanic's tool. I had to pull an engine from one of our haying machines yesterday. (The knife) saved me about 4 hours not having to haul out cords and tools and cutting machines.


My best,


Northern California


October 11, 2014




Just wanted to comment on the great book. I am a Navy Vet and I was staying at La Puente homeless shelter in Alamosa, Colorado last year when I found this gem of a book encased in plastic and left on the free table. It was soon packed away and I am just now able to devote time to read it over. Turns out it is a signed copy! Wow what a treasure! And a very lucky find indeed! I find it interesting how some of the places intersect or match places I have been in my life. If and when this great tale is ever told on the big screen I would most certainly like to be a part in producing and promoting this worthwhile project...Let's bring old westerns back with a lot of brand new twists and additions! Wouldn't this be grand!

Signed, very excited and interested in making new blazing trails! 


L. Martinez

Alamosa, CO

November 10, 2014




I hope all is going good for you in OK. I got back from my 6th tour and my Sabertooth has served me wonderfully since I got it. I always get a compliment from everyone who sees it. I hope to make it up there to see you again soon. Thanks again for a making a tool that has saved so many lives.



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