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An Alaskan bush pilot learns of a large treasure of gold, hidden and left by an old Russian hermit.  Earlier in  the hermit’s story, because he saved the Chief’s wife, he received gold nuggets from the tribe as spiritual gifts. This went on for many years and the hermit never used the gold. The adventure includes an Indian girl who runs with wolves. She, and the bush pilot, are brought together not only by the lost treasure but by a tragic encounter with a grizzly bear. The story takes place in 1958/59, a time of turmoil and change. Along with that, though the Indian girl is perfectly in tune with life in Alaska, she lived with a great fear of its transition, from the wilderness to statehood.

The book One Ear, is Spivey’s latest creation. The story is 231 pages of adventure… from the beginning to the end. (Price includes shipping.)

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