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The Sabertooth® Knife 

Spivey Sabertooth Knife

When people see the knife I carry into the backwoods they immediately want one. The knife is called Sabertooth. I invented it during a horseback journey from ocean to ocean in 1968. That ride took seven months and covered 4000 miles through all the seasons. Necessity made me realize the kind of knife I needed. The Sabertooth at an overall length of 12 ¾ inches, with a 7 ½ inch blade, is perfectly suited for wilderness survival.


The name Sabertooth, originally two words, (Saber tooth) came from my memory of a saber-toothed skull I saw in 1965 at the Los Angeles County Art Museum built on the La Brea tar-pits at Wilshire and La Cienega Boulevard in Hollywood, California. The extinct saber tooth (Smilodon), which was a foot shorter but nearly twice as heavy as a lion, did not eat with its long fangs, it stabbed with them. It held on to its prey and used its powerful neck and shoulder muscles to pound those dagger-like teeth through the tough hide of its victim. With each violent struggle of its quarry, the long fangs sank deeper. In my hand, the knife I invented reminded me of those sharp, well anchored teeth, so I named it Sabertooth.  

~ Jefferson Spivey

Sabertooth Knife

The first Sabertooth appeared on the cover of Gun World Magazine in 1969.  In 1976, the National Cowboy Hall of Fame commissioned a limited edition series of the patented Sabertooth knife. The Sabertooth has been featured in museums such as Randall Knife Museum and The National Cowboy Hall of Fame.


Collectors of the Sabertooth include:

Actor Dale Robertson

John Wayne

Major General W. H. Rice, USMC

Max Evans,  "The Rounders"

Abercrombie and Fitch

Oliver North

Glen Campbell


If it's not made in the USA, it's not a Sabertooth.

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